Friday, February 17, 2012

Babies are Special

By little Claire Designs

Done by Clair’s Designs Thanks for sharing, I love this
layout very nice.

A little bit sewing

Jolly Lolly Shop

Thanks for sharing…I love it
done by Jolly Lolly Shop.

Summer Time Fun Time

Jordanbook 5

Jordan playing in the water at Grandma’s House. This is
done in Storybook Creator the Best Digital you can buy,
very easy and Cathie Owens in the best Teacher EVER!!!

Easter with Jordan

Jordanbook 4

Jordan just found a Easter Egg and he put it in his Easter
basket. This is one page I did in his book.

Jordan Kevin Book

Jordan book

My Youngest Grandson I just finished this Digital
book about him..Done in Storybook Creator the
best EVER software for Digital.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Family's are forever


Cathie Owen, Riddick, & River what a cute page
Cathie: Grandbabies here visiting… Nice thanks
for sharing……

Happy Valentines Bear


Done by TreasureBoxDesigns Nice layout I love it

Back side of my book

The book

A map to show where we are from, it all starts here, enjoy

Back cover of my book

The book

It all started here, we are a piece of this map.It is where we came from
whether it be Grandma or Grandpa, Aunts, Cousins, Great Great Grandma
or Grandpa or who ever that was related.

A Legacy of Love

My 1st Book

I designed every page, wrote all the journaling's,
and researched 4 generation back into my family
on both sides, and presented to my two kids as
A Christmas Present this last Christmas, I was
so proud and excited to give it to them, They
love it and will Treasure it. this is the front cover
I also designed,

Life is Good

4x6 Portrait cards - Page 005

This is card done with Digital Storybook
Creator one of the best software you can
buy that comes with a Teacher…Just
ask me about it and I will send you to the
right connections.  Thanks Cathie


Mountain Ash Crafts

What a cute card done by Mountain Ash Crafts
Nice  work I love it….

Happy Valentines Day


Remember when we made these as kids and wrote
little saying inside? Well Cathie Owens made this and
shared it with us, thanks Cathie…..

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Copyright Issues and Content in my blog

I've received a note from a person that stated they would rather I do not post images on my blog.  I certainly don't want to be seen as "taking credit" for all the images I share on my blog and I apologize to any that see their work on my page without their information associated with it.  I do normally state "thanks for sharing" from that it's easy to assume that I did not create the work.

When I post an image and you recognize it as your own please send me information that you'd like to associate with that image or ask that I remove it .  Some people do not like to have their names listed in social media.

This has all been just in fun and I don't want to violate any statutes existing in copyright law.
Below is information I've found in Facebook Policy and other legal sites regarding copyright material.

After reviewing Facebook policy in regards to copyright violations I have came to the conclusion that when Images and Text are published using the public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off Facebook to access and use that information and to associate it with you.

Review legal policy as stated in facebook.  CLICK HERE