Monday, August 20, 2012

Diaper Cake

By Paula Kraeling Rosendberg7

Made by Paula Rosenberg, she is amazing!

Big Hugs from Home

Made by the Raisin Boat…I love this thanks!

Storybook Digital and Memory Manager


These are the most AMAZING software ever to start your digital, Plus
Cathie Owens Teaches it and she is always right there for you every step
of the way…Check it out

Oh Summer Time

Made by Scrapbook Expo 5

I Love it!!!

Tea anyone?

Shopscrap Scrapbooking 4

Cute cut out and design thanks so much for sharing.

Wow bottle planters


What a great idea!

“The Help”


My very favorite movie ever! If you haven't watch it yet do so it leaves with
with a good and bad feeling! A must watch Movie.

I love Birthday Cards